Getting to Beaufort

There are lots of ways you can get to Beaufort Street. We encourage you to walk, cycle or catch public transport.

Download the Beaufort Street Map
Download the Beaufort Street Map


Walking is the best way to experience the atmosphere of Beaufort Street and discover cool things like the street art. If you are coming from Perth City, you can walk straight up Barrack Street, which turns in to Beaufort Street and keep walking north. It is easy to walk here from –

From Where?Walk time
East Perth Train Station9 min walk
Mt Lawley Train Station12 min walk
Perth Train Station25 min walk
Hyde Park4 min walk
North Perth14 min walk
Inglewood15 min walk


Cycling is a great way to get to Beaufort Street. You can usually get bike parking right outside where you need to go. You’d be lucky to get a car park this close!

From Where?Ride time
East Perth Train Station3 min ride
Mt Lawley Train Station4 min ride
Perth Train Station10 min ride
Hyde Park1 min ride
North Perth5 min ride
Inglewood5 min ride

Public Transport


Catch a Midland line train from Perth Station and get off at either East Perth or Mount Lawley train stations. You can then walk west from those stations to Beaufort Street (see walking times above).


You can catch these buses to get to Beaufort Street. The 950 buses are most frequent:

Bus routeFrom Where?Bus travel time
950Stop 26788 – on Wellington Street south of Perth Station (across the road from Forrest Place)8 mins
67Stop 12902 – on Wellington Street south of Perth Station (across the road from Forrest Place)8 mins

Ask to get off at after Chatsworth Road (outside Newsagent), before Vincent Street (outside Baker and Schuhandler) or before Walcott Street (outside IGA Supermarket).


Ask a friendly taxi driver to take you to Beaufort Street.


It is pretty easy to get to Beaufort Street by car. But Beaufort Street is a popular place. So it is not surprising that car parking spaces are also popular. Most of the parking is either paid parking with first hour free (south of Walcott Street) or timed parking (north of Walcott Street).

It’s much better to walk, cycle, get a taxi, catch the bus or even the train here. You then get to soak up more of the cool atmosphere. Or have a few drinks without worrying about driving home. But if you have to drive, there is lots of parking available for smart people. You just need to explore a bit.

It's better if you walk, ride, catch the bus or even the train. But if you have to drive, here is some free parking on Walcott Street
Free parking on Walcott Street west of Raglan Road

There is free, untimed parking available on Walcott Street west of Raglan Road (look out for Fez Café on the corner). It is available anytime except for the Clearway times of 4.15pm to 6.00pm, Monday to Friday. There is always heaps of free parking available in this location.

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There is also free parking available on Field Street, Mount Lawley, just across Walcott Street.