30 Artists, 30 Walls, 1 Laneway

The Laneway Collective is bringing together local artists, residents and land owners to create inspiring laneway art. The first major project will create a unique street art gallery in a forgotten laneway between Grosvenor Road and Chelmsford Road in Mount Lawley. The laneway is just behind IGA on Beaufort Street. Find out more at https://www.facebook.com/lanewaycollective

Amok Island and Fergus McFudge were in action today painting the second and third murals.


Amok Island 30.8.2014













Most of the action will happen in conjunction with the Beaufort Street Festival on 15 November 2014. Find out more about the Festival at www.beaufortstreetfestival.com.au.

Check out some of the amazing artists taking part in the laneway project –

Adam Creamer

Steven Young
Rob Jenkins https://www.facebook.com/robertjenkinsart
Dolus http://websta.me/n/art_dolus/
Nick Zafir http://tvforpresident.tumblr.com/
Local artist Melski is organising the project and started it all with this –
Street art can turn a forgotten space in to an interesting place
Street art can turn a forgotten space in to an interesting place

How Can You Help?

If you want to see this happen, help support it by chipping in a donation. All donations received will help support local artists to deliver this amazing project. Email Mel McVee at melmcvee@hotmail.com to find out more.